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Vintage Disney’s Black Hole Unopened Wax Packet of Trading Card and Gum in Protective Case

Black Hole

Welcome to a very rare and unusual piece of piece of Geek memorabilia.

This is a real, sealed wax packet containing trading cards and a stick of gum from the 80’s.

These were all the rage in the 80’s and featured some of the biggest films and TV shows. You could collect and trade the cards while chewing the gum. These days unopened packs are very rare and highly collectible for the designs and memories.

This is an actual product from the 80’s and the gum is no longer edible. DO NOT EAT.

While then package shows some signs of age we have placed it in a protective case. This will preserve the packet for longer and allow it to be displayed.

A perfect piece of Black Hole memorabilia for your collection.

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