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Magic: Nahiri The Lithomancer #1 (Cover B Vilchez)

Stunning Comic Book Covers 30/11/22

The weather is getting colder but great books are coming thick and fast. This week we are showing some of the best covers from the new releases. Don’t forget to…
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #102 (Cover B Frison)

Magnificent Comic Book Covers 23/11/22

Well the weather has been absolutely rubbish here, but at least this weeks new releases look bright. We have put together a selection of the best looking books coming towards…

Comic Book Items In Our Shop

We have a huge selection of comic book based item on the Legend of Geek Etsy Shop. Take a look below and click on them for more details. Take a…

Beautiful Comic Book Covers 16/11/22

Every week a stack of comic books hit our shelves, some of them are blessed with the best artwork. So check out our list of the latest beautiful comic book…
Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths #6 (Cover D Ben Oliver Black Adam Movie Card Stock Variant)

Beautiful Comic Book Covers 9/11/22

Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths #6 (Cover D Ben Oliver Black Adam Movie Card Stock Variant) Year Zero: Volume 0 #2 (Cover A Andrews) Firefly: Keep Flying #1 (Cover B…


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