Zbox Vs GeekFuel – February 2017 Unboxing – Grudge Match part 1

Well today has been a good day!!

Two geek subscriptions boxes arrived! The Zbox ‘Super Heroines‘ themed box and my new subscription Geek Fuel. Zbox is UK based box and Geek Fuel is all the way from the colonies, sorry USA.

So which one will be the best?

Lets start with the homegrown Zbox. This is one of the more established boxes from over here. Although in my experience they can swing wildly between boxes filled with awesome and boxes filled with ‘meh’. They offer a number of subscriptions from monthly to longer subscriptions. I just go for the month to month and it costs £19.99. They promise 4-7 items worth £40+ in value.

Here is the box that arrived for me today.

Here is the open box.

It seems a little empty in there compared to some previous boxes. Let’s hope that there is ‘concentrated‘ quality in there.

The T-Shirt
On to the first item which is the mandatory t-shirt. All boxes have them, some are better than others. My biggest gripe is that some t-shirts are so thin, I have literally been able to see my nipples through them. This traditionally is not a problem for Zbox. So here it is.

The theme here clearly is Wonder Woman. However it is a view from behind her and from between her legs. Oh yes and shall I mention the rather agressive and war like phallus, I mean tank cannon pointing at her crotch. And… the….er… explosion ‘orgasm’ in the background!! Hrmm so many issues here….. so many!!

Hopefully the next item will be less tacky, offensive and won’t set back gender issues about a million years.

The Thing
The next item is a DC Bombshells felt pennant banner. It is Catwoman.

It is a bit boring. I have not opened the package as I expect to post it on Ebay sometime soon.

The Figure
Up next is DC Bombshells again. This time it is a vinyl figure blind box. I wonder what figure I will get. Well if I look in the Zbox magazine, I can find out. It is Wonder Woman again.

Cute figure and thankfully not as crude as the T-shirt.

The Comic
Finally there is a Captain Marvel comic.

I like Captain Marvel so this could be good.

There is also the Zbox magazine this has the awful sexist T-shirt print on it.

The Verdict
Well that was the Super Heroines themed box and I am gobsmacked. A box which is supposed to be celebrating powerful female characters comes complete with the most degrading comic book image I have seen in a very a long time.

Very tasteless.

The shuddering awkwardness of the sexist ‘tribute’ aside, has the box been as advertised?


DC Bombshells mini vinyl figure £9.99
DC Bombshells Catwoman pennant banner £9.99
Captain Marvel comic £2-3?
Wonder woman T-Shirt … Worthless, can’t wear it.

So we are well short of the advertised £40+ value and just over the price paid for the box. The vile t-shirt would have to be worth £20+ to make up the difference.

This was not a great box to start with but when you add the horrible sexist T-shirt. It is an awful box.

Zbox! I think our time together has come to an end.


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