Zbox Vs Geek Fuel – February 2017 Unboxing – Grudge Match part 2

Well this is the 2nd part of my Zbox Vs Geek Fuel Grudge Match.

To recap, both of the geek mystery subscription boxes appeared at my door at the same time. So the test is simple…… which is the best?

I have already reviewed The Zbox offering and it was a poor mess with awfully sexist T-shirt. The value of the items was below the £40+ advertised amount. Incidentally and to Zbox’s credit, they realised they messed up and thought there would be a higher value DC Bombshells figure than was actually in the box. They have sent a £5 voucher to compensate. However little will compensate for that T-Shirt.

Anyway onto Geek Fuel. This is the US based box and I chose the subscription of £24 per month. Now Geek Fuel is a little different from all the other boxes I have had. They do not have themes. Other boxes make a big deal about their themes and to be honest it restricts the choice of items for the box and I have had some pretty poor boxes as a result (ZBOX!!)

Geek Fuel offer in their box 5-8 items with a minimum value of $50. They have exclusive t-shirts, comics, collectibles and home items. So hopefully it will be interested. I also ordered this box because I could get a bonus Star Trek item. oh yes!!

The box that arrived looked pretty bold.

Also it did bear some damage from it’s long journey to the UK.

On opening the box, already it has more premium feel.

Nuka World Amusements T-Shirt
Before I received the box, I had an email from Geek Fuel advising that they have upgraded their t-shirt to better material quality. Ultra thin cheapo t-shirts has been something that has pissed me off for a long time so I am already looking forward to this one.

Here it is

This is a Fallout T-shirt. I love Fallout and have been playing the games ever since the first came out a long long time ago. The logo is Nuka-World amusements and in red it looks pretty nice! It also passes the nipple test (as in I can not see my nipples through the fabric, I am looking at you Loot Crate!)

Archibald’s Adventure Downloadable Steam Game
Good start by the Geek Fuel monkeys. On to the next item. This is a card with a downloadable Steam Game. The Game is Achibald’s Adventures and it has a $5 value. It is a fun platformer with a boy on his skateboard going through a creepy house.

Sword Charger
The next item came it’s own box!

And as the box says it is a portable charger.

I was blown away by this. It is a proper rechargeable battery in the shape of the sword from Zelda. It comes complete with a micro USB cable. However it should never be separated from the box. The box is simply brilliant. This is an amazing item and such a surprise.

Next in the box is cool looking Nuka-World Amusements ticket. There is a code on the other side to win a prize on the Geek Fuel website. I put the code into the website and received some entries for a game console prize.

Hero in Training Poster
Up next is a poster it is a cute Hero in Training Batman print. It has a baby Batman playing with Gotham related toys with Wham and POW spelt out in letter blocks. This item like Loot Crate items comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Stranger Edition Epic Enamel Pin
Next is a cool looking badge. I take it Americans likes badges because I know of other US based boxes that make a deal of them. I loved Stranger Things and I live the toy packaging. I have the Dustin pin, there was a chance of two others. It is slightly ironic that in a program with a Upside Down dimension, my pin was well Upside Down.



Bonus item
As I mentioned before, what made me order this box was the introductory offer of a bonus Star Trek item!!

Here it is

It is a light up Original Series Phaser!!!

It is a little bit bigger than keyring size but is quite nice. It lights up when the trigger is pulled. It also comes with a little 32 page booklet detailing the history of the phasers. The value is $10.


The Verdict 
Well Geek Fuel was well ahead in the Grudge Match anyway, and the contents of this box has blown it out of the park. This was a high quality box with some pretty awesome items. I felt like everything had a purpose and was appropriate.  There were no filler items, even the ticket looked cool.

Geek Fuel has impressed me and I am looking forward to next months.

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