Zbox Versus November 2016 Unboxing

The November Zbox arrived today, delivered into my hands by the Postman wet from the dismal rain today.

Zbox is a monthly geek subscription box from UK by Zavvi. It costs £19.99 per month with some discounts for longer subscriptions.

Now this one is going to be a tall order for Zbox. After the total and utter kick in the nuts from last months box, I was left angry and wondering why the people at Zavvi hated me. I fully intended to rage quit my subscription but I did not as I have been busy with holiday and my current blood feud with Currys PC World.

The October box was full of filler crap and was massively ‘over heavy’ on that mess of a movie Suicide Squad.

So here is it and the box is big! Bigger than is usual at least.


Opening the box, I was kind of nervous but I was presented with this.


Ok a big marvel box, you have my interest. However as is customary first of the t-shirt.


This is apparently a Dr Strange T-shirt. I am looking forward to seeing the film, maybe if I had then this would make more sense to me. It is ok and is a Zbox exclusive by artist Oli Riches.

Next is something I have not seen before in a geek subscription box. A novel!


I love the idea of finding a proper book in these boxes as I do like a good read. However it is Suicide Squad!!!!!! FTS!! Seriously did Zavvi invest massively in merchandise from this movie and have tons left over?!? I would love to see what they do for a good movie. Maybe the novel is better.

What’s in the Red Marvel box?


The box does kind of give it away. It is a LARGE moulded Carnage mug.



This mug is pretty damn good. I do remember some time ago you could get this or a Venom mug in a Loot Crate box. It was before I joined them so I did not get one. I did, however, think that Carnage was the best. It is a brilliantly detailed and menacing looking item of drinkware. Definite score for Zbox!!

Next is something I could not acutally believe. A proper action figure.


This is the DC Comics Designer Series, with this Batman figure being by renowned artist Jae Lee. The figure has a kind of Telltale games look but it is VERY nice. I don’t think it would be something I would have bought myself. However it is really great to have and in it’s own box, which is just how I love them. Currently on Amazon UK, these are going for £15. Nearly worth the value of the whole box alone.

The only thing remaining was the fluff magazine with the strong smell.

Whilst there were fewer items in this box. It was bigger and the quality was very high. This was a good box. The Carnage mug and the Batman Action figure are clear highlights. They do go some way to making up hurt and upset causing by last months box of filler crap. Maybe, just maybe, my subscription will live to see another day (or box)


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