Zbox March 2017 – Anarchy – Unboxing

OK OK. I know I said I was going to get rid of Zbox after last months dumpster fire of a box. However I saw the franchises for this months box and they had me at one word……. DREDD!!

I first got into the comic 2000AD when I was a kid in 1982. I loved Judge Dredd and even got the Megazine when it first came out. So to see Judge Dredd feature in this box speaks directly to the me of 1982.

For those not in the know, Zbox is a monthly subscription box for around £19.99 a month and it supposed to filled with quality stuff. As I have seen previously, in terms of quality, a good month can be amazing, a bad month is rage inducing.

The theme for this month is Anarchy. Seeing how badly some boxes deal with themes they are starting to mean less to me than the franchises they hold inside.

The box that arrived looked the same as always. So onto the opening.

Now this is already looking better than last month. For one thing it is not half full!!

The T-Shirt
Now every box has a t-shirt. I have mentioned by issues with T-shirt quality and last months offensive Zbox offering. Is this one any better?

FSOCIETY is a Mr ROBOT thing. It is a reference to the hacker group led the Mr Robot. The Amazon series has kind of passed me by. I was into Hackers and War Games a million years ago when it was all 56.6kps modems and you had have a brain just to get connected to the internet. However as for this T-shirt, I am not unhappy.

Deathstroke XXRAY Figure
Now this was a nice surprise.

I have seen the XXRAY figures before and I was a little on the fence about them. However now I have one, I do think they are cook. The character who we get to see the outside AND the inside of is Deathstroke. On the Zavvi website XXRAY figures run from £15-£19 which nearly amounts to the cost of the box. So Zbox are doing well so far. Interestingly I can not see this orange Deathstroke on any sites. I have found yellow comicbook looking ones but this figure reminds me of Deathstroke from the Arrow TV Series.

The Main Feature – Dredd Helmet
Woohoo here it is:

This is a mini Judge Dredd helmet on a display stand from Planet Replicas. The package comes with a couple of stickers to put the base for extra awesome. When I get chance I will pop it out of the package and take some better pictures. I have a couple of Star Wars helmets from the Black Series so I will see how they compare.

I am super happy with the item. It is Dredd, it is very well done. The only thing that could have made this better for it to be LIFE SIZE.

DOOM Badges
Now I remember DOOM the first time around. It was a fun game with not much going on behind the scenes but it did not need it then. Now it has kind of snowballed into a massive thing and now we have badges.

I am not too big on the monster ones or the Doom badge itself. I like the Union Aerospace ones.

The Poster – FSOCIETY
Next up is a small poster which is exactly the same at the T-Shirt

Finally the Magazine
Here it has the same FSOCIETY image from the T-Shirt AND the Poster.

The Verdict
Well after last months box, just some super hero printed toilet paper would have been an improvement. I am not getting the sense of Anarchy this months theme wants to impart. For me this has been a good box. The XXRAY figure and the DREDD helmet are awesome. I love them, they are quality items and are worth well over the cost of the box. They would have made the box great. The badges are good and the T-shirt as well. However the over use of the FSOCIETY image kind of cheapens the T-shirt and makes me feel like Zbox started strong with this box and then kind of ran out of steam.

Oh well, at least I have my Dredd Helmet!!

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