Zbox January 2017 Magical Unboxing

I tried to cancel my subscription to Zbox but they won’t listen so here is the unboxing of the Zbox January 2017. Zbox is £19.99 per month on a one month rolling subscription with discounts for bigger subscriptions.

The theme for this month is Magical, so lets see the magic. This is how it arrived in the post so my postman and any nosey neighbours know that I am a geek and like mystery boxes. Who cares, I am and I do!

Open the box, I am greeted with a sea of black. I can not identify anything yet.

The Mandatory T-Shirt
First up is the T-Shirt. This is from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It is an image of the Magic Meter on a building. I am really not sure if I like this or not. It is not what I was expecting from Fantastic Beasts. Maybe a Niffler would have been better. It might grow on me.


The Big Thing
Next up is a pretty cool item. This one is from Harry Potter. It is a metal Hogwarts lunch box. What is not to like? I have a cool metal Halo lunch/ammo box from Loot Crate so I have offered the Hogwarts one to my wife. Son turned it down!!!!

The Figure
Next we have a Titan vinyl figure from Dragon Age. I have never played Dragon Age so I can not comment on how cool this is. I have an Alien vinyl figure from the Titan range and that is ok. I have not decided if I am going to open it or not.

The Book
The final item is a graphic novel Tabatha. It is quite a substantial little book. I am not sure what it is all about yet but at least it is not Suicide Squad.It looks like a good read.

So the January Zbox is done. I am most thankful that they resisted throwing in any more Suicide Squad items. I am so fed up with those and can’t eBay them quick enough.

Good or Bad box?

I think I will sit on the side of good. The Fantastic Beasts T-shirt was a bit ‘meh’ which is a shame. The Dragon Age vinyl figure seemed a little forced into theme. The Harry Potter tin lunch box and Tabatha graphic novel however were worthy items

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