Zbox Genius Unboxing

The Zbox Genius is here.

Oh, I fall in and out of love with Zbox so often!  Sometimes they are good sometimes they are bad, it is starting to feel like an abusive relationship.

Zbox for those who are not with the program is a Geek based subscription box from Zavvi. For less that £20 per month they will send you a mystery box of gear with a £40+ value.

This month is the Genius theme. I am desperate for some kind of intelligent thought to have been placed behind it.

The box is here, the postman gave it to my neighbour for safe keeping. Zbox are not shy in saying what they are all out so I have been outed as a Geek to my neighbour. Not that I care.

Opening the box there is a loose smattering of items. One already looks familiar as we had it a couple of months ago.

The T-Shirt

All mystery geek boxes have a T-shirt, ALL OF THEM!! 
Zbox have gone for a Sherlock image. Featuring the Hounds of the Baskervilles, it has a kind of crime noir look. Not a bad T-shirt but not niche enough for me.

The Poster

Ok I have seen this image before, now where was it? Oh yes it was on the T-Shirt. Zbox commission their artwork from an artist and they are going to make damn sure that they get their monies worth. I feel kind of lucky that they don’t plaster it on the magazine AND the inside of the box any more.

Anyhoo, onto the next.

Iron Man Record

Now this is a bit bloody random? It is a vinyl record and from a movie that is nearly 10 years old. Now this is a 7 inch disc and not the full size collectors record that was limited to 500 pieces. So lets not get too excited. It is still in the same red vinyl with the arc reactor centre. I don’t have a record player so I am a little unsure about what to make of this or if it even have any value.

On to the fun stuff perhaps?

The Plastic Figure

Yup this a is a Big Bang Theory Pixel blind box. As you can see I have been blessed with a little Howard. I have not seen these figures before so they are kind of interesting. The mass push towards little stylised figures is interesting but surely it is going to run out of steam soon. Saying that, I still do like this figure.

The Vinyl Figure

Now we had a DC Bombshells mini vinyl figure only a couple of boxes ago. In that box the figure was Wonder Woman. This time it is Harley Quinn. They are quite cute and fun. Maybe if I keep getting Zbox I will manage to collect all 12.

Apart from the magazine

That was it!!

The Verdict
I don’t know. It was by no means a bad box but with the same token it is no where near a good box. The Genius theme seems has singled out a number of genius characters but does not suggest anything that is genius about them. It is just a box of random items pulled of the shelf that happen to have the characters on them.

I do like the figures. I am on the fence of the record. The T-shirt is OK and the poster is just the T-Shirt on paper.

Maybe I over think these things and that kind of creativity is not possible. I like Zbox but I want to love it, but I have not yet found the reason to.

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