Zbox December 2016 Dark Vs Light Unboxing

Well after the insulting turd of a box that was the Black Friday offering from MyGeekBox, a punch in the face would be a more rewarding experience. However, thankfully, Zbox have delivered their latest box and it is a biggie!!

The month the theme is Dark Vs Light with a nod towards the Rogue One film being. So a bundle of Star Wars goodness then.

The first item is this big and heavy box is the t-shirt.

This is a cool looking Rebellion recruitment poster. Not bad at all.


The next Star Wars goodie is a talking Yoda plush hangy thing. I am unconvinced about how much like Yoda he looks. To me he looks like an green old man in a robe. Oh and he does not talk. He just makes a little click but no Jedi wisdom is offered.  I suspect this is just a cynical poor item to cash in on the Star Wars name. There is no fan value here.

The next item was something of a surprise. It is a big black messenger bag with First Order Stormtrooper on it. Actually not a bad item with some geek value. I could use this for work!

The next item is socks! Who does not love getting socks for Christmas? It is another cynical cash making tie in, notice Kylo Ren on the label but the socks are Darth Vader. They cashing in on the name without caring about the movies. Still they are not bad and my feet WILL be experiencing the dark side

Finally is the item that made the box so heavy.

This was a bit of a surprise. It is quite a good quality substantial book filled with pages of really  cool photos. They are scenes from Star Wars made in Lego. Who does not like Lego?

Actually this was quite a good box. No Rogue One stuff but an unexpected mix of Star Wars items anyway. It is interesting that Zbox and MyGeekBox are both from the same parent company but the difference between the two is night and day. Zbox is the British Loot Crate.

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