Zbox DC Universe October 2016 unboxing

The latest ZBox has arrived.

I love a good geek subscription box. I have tried quite a few different ones and amassed a treasure trove or awesome item.  At the moment I am trying Zbox from Zavvi again. They have produced some amazing boxes with fantastic stuff, but they suffer from inconsistency. The good has been good but the bad has been BAD!

Last month was a great box with a awesome rare Red Hulk figure. I am desperately hoping that this will be a good box too.

For the month of October the theme for the box is DC UNIVERSE. So many character to choose from!!

On opening the box, I am present with this view of the goodies inside.



The first item is the T-shirt. Every geek box does a t-shirt, most are great but the material quality varies. Personally no matter how cool the t-shirt looks, I am not going to wear it if it is paper thin and I can see my nipples through it. This t-shirt is a obviously a Joker design from the Suicide Squad. I like it and the quality is not bad.


The same design has been used on the box and the zbox magazine as well so they are getting their moneys worth out of it.


The next item is a Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) soft toy.


I’m not really sure about this one I do like the character of Harley Quinn but I think she’s been done to death. The thing is a bit ‘meh’ as it does not really capture the character. Maybe it is a keeper.

Up next is a poster and it is BIG. Oh and it is Harley Quinn again and yup it is Suicide Squad.



It is a nice poster however I have no use for it. I’m not 17 years old anymore and I’m not going to be living in a college dorm room any time soon AND it is from the Suicide Squad movie again!!

Now we have a pair of socks with capes!!


Yep another wearable item, these ones are Superman with strange little capes on. This is purely a novelty item and I think mine will be appearing on eBay very soon. Unless we do secret Santa at work.

The next item is a small Batman torch


I don’t think he be having one of these on his Utility Belt. Is a small pen sized sized torch on a keyring and ie  also projects the bat signal when on. So essentially another novelty item, most likely just a filler to flesh out the box the box a bit. It remains sealed in the bag as it be featuring on eBay like the socks.

The next and final item is a comic book. I love comic books.


Oh look! It is bloody Suicide Squad and bloody Harley Quinn again. Seriously!?!?!

Ok Zbox what the hell was THAT all about?

This was supposed to be a DC Universe theme box. Where are the items by The Flash, Supergirl, Green Lantern? This was purely a Suicide Squad/Harley Quinn box and worst of all it was mostly from that God Awful film. The recent slew of DC movies have been grim, depressing or just plan crap. They have no respect for the loved story lines they have drawn from and the end result has been a mess.

Just as those movies have been a disappointed, sadly so this box.

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