My favourite morning cartoon at the moment is Thunderbirds. The remake on CITV is really amazing. I am old enough to remember the original but not old enough for when they were first on TV. Where they were on TV I used to watch everything from Fireball XL5 to Stingray, even Terrahawks!! I think Captain Scarlet was the best but the remake cartoon sucked a bit.

Last year I made a little cheeky Amazon purchase, which was the Thunderbird 2 Supersize model with Thunderbird 4. It was ridiculously cheap although being a mint in box kind of guy, it has been stored, hidden away, unopened.

They released a supersized Thunderbird 3 recently and the price has been £30-40 but reduced to £15 at Tesco. I took a cheeky look at Amazon this morning and they had it for £12.99 on Prime but with a long delivery time of 1st February next year.

Who cares….. ordered!

Now this is a 48cm tall rocket which produced it own smoke during the launch sequence. I am not sure if this one will stay in the box.

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