Thor #705 Artgerm Variant Framed Comic Book – Marvel – Art – Decor – Avengers

I am beyond excited to feature Thor #705 in my Framed Collection. This is truly one of the most amazing comic books around currently. It is available now on my Etsy shop.


As you will probably notice the Thor on the cover is not the usual Thor. This one is the Goddess of Thunder who is Jane Foster. Her time as Thor is both tragic and beautiful. This is the final chapter in the ‘Death of Thor’ Series. Foster is dying of terminal cancer but uses the power of Mjolnir one more time to destroy Mangog. In doing so Mjolnir is destroyed and she reverts to her dying human form and dies in the arms of the Odinson.

The cover for this variant edition has been made by incredible artist Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau. His vision of Jane Foster removing her Thor helmet is both beautiful, triumphant and tragic. The artwork is simply stunning and nearly impossible to stop looking at.

This piece of history has been sealed in a ultra clear archival bag to maintain present the cover at it’s best. Mounted on black card and white inlay it rests in a glass fronted black box frame.

This Framed Edition would look incredible on any wall. In a office or living room it will instantly be recognised as a piece of incredible art and a subject for your visits to talk about.

The frame size is 32.5 x 42.5 x 2.7cm and it comes complete with hooks for hanging.

This is the ONLY one I have in the shop so if you are interested then you need to go to my etsy shop now.

This won’t be around for long.

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