The Nerf Han Solo Blaster is here

Now this is a pretty cool looking thing. Nerf have released the Han Solo Blaster fresh from the new Star Wars film. Which is conveniently all about Han Solo.

I have loved his blaster ever since I was a child and watched Star Wars. While light sabers are easy to come by, a half decent prop replica was either too expensive or beyond my meager skills  to make.

Star Wars Story

Now there is this great looking Nerf version. It fires glow in the dark darts to simulate blaster shots and also has sound effects. How cool is that? There was a blue version made for The Force Awakens but this one I think looks better. It is by no means a perfect replica and it comes in the standard Nerf orange, but with a bit of paint it should look more like the Original.

My son has some cool Nerf guns and he hates Star Wars. I think I might have to get this to bring some Han Solo class to the battle.

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