The Ikea Incident

Saturday I worked until three in the morning and then was up again at 9am. The wife had designs on a trip to Ikea. Now just popping to Ikea is not a simple task. Where we live is over an hour and half away from the nearest store. This frustratingly makes an Ikea trip an all day event!!

When I was sufficiently awake we bundled into the Legend Wagon. The right geek equipment was set up, such as the Dashcam and my phone running sat nav program Waze for annoying stuff on the way.

We arrived at a very busy Ikea in the grand city of Southampton. Wife and son headed straight into Ikea. I listened to the call of the Geek and went a short walk to Forbidden Planet. This is an awesome comics, action figures and general Geek culture store.

Essentially what I imagine heaven looks like.

They had some really nice Nightmare Before Christmas figures by Diamond Select. After basking in the glory of lots of Funko Pops and cool t-shirts, I looked for some Five Nights at Freddy’s stuff. I found some figures and vinyl blind boxes. Most of the cool toys for FNAF are due out soon so for that visit I just picked up a couple of blind boxes. One for me and one for son.

I returned to Ikea in search of wife and son. Wife had filled a yellow bag of stuff needed at Geek Towers and son had picked up a massive shark soft toy. After paying there was the trip to the Sweden shop for nice goodies to eat. Now, as mentioned, as we live so far from an Ikea we need to make sure we get everything as there can not be any just ‘popping back’. They also had their Christmas stuff out which we needed to get. So after the usual meatballs, crispbreads etc there was mulled wine, gingerbread dough (and house) and candy. There was also the traditional Swedish Christmas soft drink Julmust. We need to get quite a few bottles of this as we love it. Usually they have them out on the shop floor and you can just pick up a sealed case. Easy! This time they only had a few open cases out and there were in the fridge.

Ok lets get a case!! I picked one that was for some reason just above my head height. I pulled the case towards me and slide a hand under it to lift. Now this is where it went wrong for me, in what was a very VERY busy store. The cold damp air of the fridge had weakened the cardboard bottom of the case so as I lifted it, ALL the bottles tipped over the sides. Plastic bottles of Julmust rained down hitting me and made a huge amount of noise as they hit the fridge.

I was very aware that everyone was now looking at me, so I settled for 9 bottles, picked some others up and walked very quickly away. My pride somewhat damaged.

A hotdog and cinnamon roll later did something to reduce the hurt.

Once we returned home after the massive quest, son and I opened the Five Nights at Freddy’s blind boxes and found these two very cool looking vinyl figures.

Five nights at Freddy's Nightmare Freddy
Nightmare Freddy
Five Nights at Freddy's Cupcake


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