Star Trek Discovery – Watched!

I was the only one in my home excited to see it, but last night I watched Star Trek Discovery.

I grew up with the re-runs of the Original Series and then The Next Generation came out. Whilst I was
at university I watched all of Deep Space 9 and afterwards I collected every VHS tape of Voyager the day they came out. I lived and breathed Trek even when Enterprise came out I still loved it even though it was

Now the waiting has paid off. The new series is here.

Except it is not the Star Trek I grew up with. Set between Enterprise and the Original series it is
supposed to be old but it looks and feels like the JJ Abrams New Trek films.

The first episode “A Vulcan Hello” was, despite some issues, good. I am so glad to say that. The first
issue for me in the main enemy who are predictably the Klingons, Again these ones are different
and although looking quite different are supposed to be a fanatical violent but deeply religious race.
One can’t help but look where comparisons are with modern life.

Anyhoo, there is a lot of action and it centers around one character Michael Burham who is the First
officer. This is unlike the previous serious where it would be ensemble cast aboard a starship or
space station. Whilst for me the first episode was good, I am not sure if in the long run I am going to
give a crap about one character. Additionaly for the backstory they have shoehorned in the well
trodden path of a human element with a Vulcan background. Adding the familiar name of Sarek into
the mix to give it some legitimacy with the Star Trek canon.

To further cement in the mind that this is Star Trek we have the opening titles. Very nice views of the
tech, the classic communicator, the classic phaser and even some bars of the original theme tune.
You bastards!!

However with the nods of the original series, it does not have the look and feel of old Trek. If
Voyager was made now then chances are this is how it would be. Regardless, the first episode was
exciting and I was all smiles watching it.


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