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I have just decided that I need one of these.

The Terminator series is much loved and respected but the films do suffer from some wildly variable quality.

This status is called the Rebel Terminator. The character is not part of the regular canon. It is a creation of Sideshow Collectible’s “Mythos” range. Sideshow are famous for producing some incredibly detailed but pricey statues. Here is no exception.

Following is there description of the Rebel Terminator. Already I think it would be a more interesting character than the teenage terminator in the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

“A war is raging between what’s left of the human race and Skynet. Both sides eagerly search for any advantage… The Rebel Terminator is born.”


The Rebel Terminator shows no signs of slowing down in her directive, clutching a severed endo-skull in her mechanical hand. Already preparing to eliminate her next cybernetic target, she holds a 40-watt plasma rifle triumphantly over her shoulder. Another plasma rifle hangs at her back, amid a variety of tactical gear and pouches to protect her human façade from further destruction.


The statue is shipping late 2018 or early 2019. With a price tag of £400+, I had better start saving now.

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