QMX’s Star Trek Discovery Black Badge Ships From Mars Apparently

RANT DAY! Their shipping prices are so incredibly high! Maybe the thing is made of lead or the size of a shield?

Photo copyright of Quantum Mechanix

A few posts ago I said that I was excited to get one of these. A prop replica of the mysterious Section 31 black badge from Star Trek Discovery. I found out that Quantum Mechanix were making one and I put myself on the waiting list.

Well the email came through and it is now available. The pictures of it are awesome. So off I went and plopped one in my virtual shopping basket. The price of the badge is really good at $14.95.

I carried on to the check out and entered by details for it calculate shipping and my jaw hit the ground. They wanted $50.50 for shipping!! That is over three times the cost of the badge itself! That is for the slowest, most unprotected method of postage, USPS. For only $7 more the boys in shorts at Fed Ex can get it to me in 5 business days. Still WAAAAY below cost effective for a small package containing a BADGE. The badge itself is 3.81cm wide and 6.35cm high. I would also have to add currency exchange charge on top of this.

I can get a whole box of stuff from Loot Crate with shipping only being $4.00. ThinkGeek are offering the regular Star Trek Discovery badges (not black badge) for the same price of $14.99. Their shipping to the UK is $9.64 for economy or $15.34 for UPS Express Saver. Still way off the $50.50 that QMX want to release from my wallet.

Thankfully after checking some of the local geek haunts I have found the badge available for pre-order with Forbidden Planet, but the arrival time is over a month away.

What the hell? Quantum Mechanix, What the hell?!?!


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