What Pissed Me Off Today – The only shopper in the supermarket.

Generally I am an easy going guy. I like my sci fi stuff and I love my family. However sometimes there are ……… people! Yes people who are so astoundingly stupid or arrogant it is simply breathtaking.

Today’s Uber moron in the lady I saw in the Aldi Supermarket. This is a different kind of supermarket, which have small checkouts. The idea is you load your groceries onto the conveyor belt. They are scanned and you put them back into your trolley unpacked. You take said trolley to a really long bench and pack them there. The checkout is then free for the next customer. This concept alone is enough to cause the ‘too hard’ light to activate in some people.

Anyway today the store was busy. Wife and I went to the check out, put our stuff back into the trolley, paid and went to the packing area. It was busy there but with only a few people! Some ancient princess seem to think she was on the shopper in the store and had lined up her own bags along a third of the bench. A THIRD. The rest was full of normal people doing normal packing.

We had a full trolley and needed to use some piece of this bench. So I perched a couple of bags on the end of her huge line. Actually, I had to put mine on top of a pile of promo store magazine. I had no where near enough space being between the queen of the store on my left and a normal human being on my right. I started to pack my stuff as per protocol.

However the shitty look the woman of many bags gave me was incredible!!

She had even MOREĀ bags to put on the bench and I apparently had the audacity and sheer rudeness to prevent her. Yes folks I think Crazy Bag Lady was going for a full half of the bench and everyone else in the store could go screw themselves.

I wish I had taken a photo.

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