MyGeekBox – Black Friday Box or the very late box of shit.

I know Black Friday was ages ago but having been a MyGeekBox subscriber before, I had an email about a little deal they had. For the awesome amount of £7.99 I could get a box of geek memorabilia.

I ordered it straight away and waited.

And waited.

I chased it up with the folk at MyGeekBox. Would I even get the thing before Christmas? They said they were waiting for stock from their suppler. Well that is fair enough. I was encouraged a few days later when it had been dispatched.

The box arrived and it was standard parcel brown. Inside was another box…ok?

A blue box containing mystery?

Nope, it contained a load of old worthless shit that they had forgotten to put in the bin.

Shit item number one.

This is a Dragonball Z mug. Not even a good one. Just a generic unappealing wart of a mug, that is no doubt hidden, dust covered at the back of the cupboard of any unfortunate enough to have bought one. I would sell it but I would hate to force it’s mediocrity on some other soul.

Next up on the shit list.

What the actual fuck is this?

This plugs into the headphone socket of your phone and sits there looking stupid. If you are luck it will sit straight. I bet any moron willing to risk their headphone socket ever working again will still wonder what they were thinking in buying this.

I’ve had better Christmas Cracker gifts than this.

And further we wade through the sewage.

This is a comic book. I love comic books and it has a sketch cover. However it is from Heroes Reborn. Heroes was a great series that turned bad…..very bad. They bought it back with Heroes Reborn and it was still bad. I will read this but I am not expecting much.

Wait a minute….. the cover is an exclusive!! Is it a MyGeekBox exclusive? No it is a Zbox exclusive. Zbox and MyGeekBox are different boxes owned by the same overlords. So this box even contains someone else’s crap unwanted items.

Finally is this.

This is a pair of Mad Max-esque sock. These are pretty cool and will have an appeal to some people. They are a bit pink for me but I have not yet decided if I will wear them.

Essentially I paid £7.99 for a pair of socks and the other crap is just taking up space in the box. Yes I only paid £7.99 but this was a Black Friday deal. There is no deal here. Amazon were selling Kindle Fire’s for £29. That was a deal as they usual cost £20 more. This box of crap had no real value to start of with and I had to wait for month for it.

It is a cynical, insulting box where they have taken the opportunity get rid of the shit people won’t buy and still charge money for it.

Well, people of MyGeekBox, I get how you feel about your customers and I don’t like it. I was a subscriber some time ago of yours and I do dip in and out of various subscriptions. I have been with Loot Crate, Zbox, Superloot, and GeekGear among others. I had this same issue with your Welcome box way back, which was another box of random low value – no interest shit.

I am now longer a customer of MyGeekBox and am very happy to say, that I will never be again.

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