Man of Steel Jor-El Command Key Keychain

For ages I have had a Robocop Keyring. I think I received it in a Zbox, MyGeekBox or Loot Crate a long time ago. 

I love Robocop band it was the perfect keyring for my car keys, house keys etc. Recently it broke and my heart with it. What was i going to do? Without some little nerd emblem with my keys would I somehow be less nerdy?

The quest was on to find another. I searched and searched. Did I wanted Mass Effect or Fallout? Batman or  Avengers? 

Then I came across this.

It is a replica of Jor-El’s Command Key from Man of Steel. Made by Noble from who we have some cool Harry Potter replica wands. The Command Key is pretty sturdy and made of metal. It jangles against the rest my keys. It is subtly geeky.

I love it.

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