Loot Crate – Mythical – October 2017

This month, Gear Fans I have opted for an old favourite Loot Crate.

I have gone for an American box again as apart from iffy T-Shirt quality they were usually pretty
good boxes. I will admit though that I was seduced by some cheeky email marketing that promised
me items from Ghostbusters and Stranger Things.

So I ordered and here it is. Apparently the box can be folded into a version of Mjolnir!!! I have not tried doing that yet.

As it is the October box, the items are supposed to be of Halloween-ish nature. So shall we see?

Ghostbusters T-Shirt

Yeaay it is a Ghostbusters T-shirt. I love Ghostbuster and I can still smell the plastic of the VHS
cassette from the video store. But Oh No, it is a ‘80s lurid pink design, looks like another T-shirt
strictly for indoor use.

Update – The T-shirt is XL but smaller than all my other XL T-shirts. Shame it is too tight!!

Thor v Loki Collector Series

These are a couple of little figures that you put together to make teeny tiny action scenes. This does
not quite fit the theme I was expecting but Thor Ragnarok is out soon so I guess they had to
shoehorn something in. Not sure what to make of these.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Mr Pointy – Wooden Bookmark

Now this was something I was NOT expecting. Vampires yes it fit with the theme. I have not seen a
Buffy stuff for a very long time. This Mr Pointy bookmark is definitely useful but is quite flimsy. I
don’t expect it to last long. It is quite fun though.

Stranger Things Diorama

This was the item I was really looking forward to. I loved Stranger Things and with the next season nearly with us its an exciting time.

This is a cute stylised scene from the end of the last series where super-powered Eleven and the Demogorgon vanish.

I like the blend of horror and cute in this diorama. A really nice item. I turned Eleven around to show both characters.

The verdict

This Mythical box was a perfectly timed return to Loot Crate. Not all the items are good but the ones that were were brilliant. I loved the Stranger Things Diorama. It also appears that now Loot Crate are trying to be more creative than just having a pretty box. They now fold into something interesting.

I wonder if the UK boxes will try to be as clever.

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