I Do Stupid Things – Case 2 – WhatsApp

I use WhatsApp like lots of people. My wife uses WhatsApp to message me. My son does occasionally send me a message. I am also a member of a social group of work colleagues who send group messages. All normal stuff.

Until my total dumbassary kicks in. Yesterday I had a important work exam to take. I was sitting outside of the test centre and I sent a quick message to wife.

Wife was collecting the son from school while I was knee deep in 80 tortuous questions.

All fine except I did NOT send it to the wife. I had posted the message to everyone on my work group and I had told them I LOVE them. Oh shit.

So what does a British guy do in this situation? Apologise? Maybe. Ignore it? No because some majorly painful jokes are coming my way. I’m already sweating because of this stupid exam now I have this military grade social faux pas on my mind.

I did this……..

The response was better than expected. Some comedy Love you too’s from some of the team and one question asking if I had intended to send it to a sexually transmitted disease clinic group.

Oh the banter!

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