I Cut My Broadband Bill Yet Still With Same Provider

I changed from Sky Broadband to NowTV and slash my monthly bill in half, but they are the same company.

I am not awesome with money, after all I do buy action figures and numerous bits of tech, so this is one of the rare times when I managed to actually saved some.

My broadband is supplied by Sky. I do not have any of their TV packages just phone line rental and the broadband. I use Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for stuff to watch. The fibre broadband package was £41 for a speed of around 30mb. The service was great, very rare downtime so I had stuck with them for a few years meaning I was out of contract. Although the service was not making up for the price I was paying. So I had a look around.

Sky Broadband

The one that interested me most was NowTV. They had Spring deal on which meant I could the same broadband speed for £20. So I thought I would go for it. I went to their sign up page but it said that I already had an account with them. I went to the log in page and the address was the similar to the SkyID page. So I put those details in and it went back to the NowTV order page for the package I wanted. I knew NowTV was part of SKY because of the streaming content packages are from SKY. I did not relaise that part meant it was the same company.

Now Broadband

So I continued to sign up, I still got the package I wanted at the offer price of £20 per month so I went for it. Sky then sent me emails and letters say they are sorry that I was leaving and that I was a valued customer and to contact them to see what deal they could offer me. I did not bother I knew the deal anyway and it was £28 per month still not as good as the NowTV offer.

The shiny new router appeared a couple of days ago and on the bottom of that it says “made by SKY”. The switch over date is approaching and I am getting the exciting welcome emails. It is quite a funny pretence really that I leaving one company and going to another paying half the price, when in reality I am not going anywhere and will be getting the same service.

Oh yeah and hopefully I should get £65 back for doing it all via TopCashBack.


All went swimmingly the old Sky router accepted the change and was working as normal after the change over. I wanted to put in the new Now Broadband router but I found that it only had two ethernet ports. The old router had four and I was using all of them. So that has gone back in the box. I may look at getting my own router in the future.

By the way, The Now Broadband router IS a rebranded Sky Q box.

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