Geek Fuel Unboxing April 2017

I know I am running more than a little late with this one. I have been a busy boy with some changes at work, time with family and trying to get the Tinker Board to do something vaguely useful.

Geek Fuel is a US Based box which means it does take a little longer to get to me in the UK. However it is one of the best boxes I have had and I am hoping this will be no exception.  Coming in around £25 it is also a little more expensive.

Just so you know, my own hard earnt cash pays for my box. I do not get any endorsements or incentives and so I can say whatever I goddamn like about the boxes. See the Zbox reviews for that. They are CRAP!

Anyway onto this box. I live the bold red and everything inside is beatiufully packed.


Onto the contents:

The T-Shirt – South Park: The Fractured But Whole T-Shirt

Geek Fuel do the BEST T-Shirts of any box I have had, bar NONE! This one of the awesome South Park. I loved watching South Park in the 90’s, late at night after coming home from the pub. I miss Mr Hankey!! Anyway the design is great. I know I bang on about this month after month but the element that rises the Geek Fuel T-shirt high above the others in the quality of the material. It is a real good quality t-shirt that I can acutally wear. Some boxes print theirs on material so thin my son can count the hairs around belly from two metres away. Thank you Geek Fuel

Steam Game – Dwarf Run

I still find the idea of a Steam game in a geek box quite novel. The games themselves are not premium but at the same time can provide a bit of a diversion when needed. I have yet to try this game.

Deadpool Domes Collectible Mini

Now this is an unusual little thing. It is blind bag containing Deadpool in a dome. My one as you can see is him as a little waiter person. Kinda cute, kinda wtf, but not a bad little desk piece.

Home item – Hidden Stair Case Floor Mat.

Now this item kind of blew me away. All of the household items I have had from Geek Fuel have. The battery charger and the potion lamp were brilliant. This is a mat which looks like a set of stairs going through the floor. All in a kind of gamer look. This went straight in my sons room as it looks brilliant there.

Epic Enamels – Turtles Pen

The last item is a badge. These are quite popular with the boxes from the USA, Loot Crate have their own one. I love the retro nature of these badges and this one of course is Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles based.

The Verdict

For me, currently, Geek Fuel is the best geek subscription box there is. The items are of quite good quality and fun. I love the Hidden Staircase floor mat. It is brilliant and unexpected They are packaged perfectly making each box a joy to receive.

As I have mentioned before I do not received any endorsement for the reviewing this box. If you would like to check them out then please follow my link here.

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