Geek Fuel March 2017 unboxing

I need to stop getting two boxes a month as it is getting expensive but some how i can’t help myself.

Here is my 2nd box this month and it is Geek Fuel. This is the American offering and i subscribe at £24 a month including P&P.

Now Geek Fuel is a little different, they do not have themes. Last month’s box impressed me with a great T-shirt and a Zelda style sword usb battery.

Let’s see what they have this month.

The box is nice and red.
Inside is a swanky as before.

Guardians of the galaxy t-shirt
Last month I was rather impressed with the quality of the Geek Fuel T-Shirt. I had received an email stating they were going to upgrade their t-shirts and they really did. It felt like a proper T-shirt and the Fallout 4 print was brilliant. This month they have gone for Guardian of the Galaxy print

The print is Rocket and Groot in silhouette. It is pretty funky and I like it. I also really like the colour of the T-shirt. Yes I am very pleased with this one.

Starward Rogue Steam Game
I do like the idea of a Steam game being in the box. They are hardly premium games but are quite fun none the less.

I have not got around to playing this one yet. It is added to my Steam Library and could be fun some a little diversion some time.

Guardian of the Galaxy Poster
Here we have the second GOTG item in the box. It is a small glossy comic book looking movie poster. I think it is quite appealing and I would definitely put this up somewhere if I had space.

Elixir Magical Lamp
Now this thing is cool.

I love this thing!!! It is a glass potion bottle with cork stopper. The base has a LED light which changes colour and makes the contents of the bottle glow. It looks brilliant and is perfect for the home of any adventures or mage. The quality of item is very good. I have given it to my son as it will look great in his room.

Geek Fuel Enamel Pin
Every USA box has a badge and these ones for no exception. Here it is a Power Ranger based pin. Mine was the Blue Ranger.

They are kind of fun and easy to store so I am not unhappy with the badge.

The Mag
The last item is the magazine. This has a interesting gift guide and some actual articles.

The Verdict
This was another great box from Geek Fuel. Nothing having a theme seems to work for them as previously I have suffered box after box with cheap crap filler items especially when Suicide Squad was out. All the items in the box are great.

So far they have been worth the money.

I am not paid by Geek Fuel and I do not receive any products as an incentive for the review. My own hard earned cash is used to buy my boxes. If you wish to give them a go following this link. You get a box of Geeky Fun and I get $5.

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