Geek Fuel Catch Up 2

So onto my next Geek Fuel catch up. I received this a few weeks ago whilst I was knee deep in the other stuff.

For those who are not in the know, Geek Fuel is a monthly subscription box from the US that is full of gamer and movie stuff. As I have mentioned before Geek Fuel is a little different from regular Geek Subscription boxes as they do not have a monthly theme. This meant that there is not the excitement when a new theme is announced but it also means that they are not struggling to find suitable
items to match the theme.

Geek Fuel has generally had some awesome items which have blown me away.

Anyway on to the box which is bold and red as usual.

Wonder Woman T-shirt

This is wonder women t-shirt for the recent DC movie. Acutally the movie was quite good compared
to the other DC offerings. This shirt has a bold colourful almost ‘80s motif but I am not sure it is
something I would wear. I dearly love the Serenity t-shirt from the previous box but this one is not
quite my cup of tea.

XL Dorbz – Groot

Now this was a surprise. I was aware of the regular size dorbz and am lucky enough to have a rare
Red Hulk. I had no idea that they did them THIS big. It is twice the size of a Funko Pop. It looks like
were a number of different characaters available and I have Groot. Groot is awesome so I am happy
with this. I do suspect though that this dorbz may be bigger than the actual GOTG Vol 2 Groot.

Luggage Tag – Back to the Future

Whilst it doesn’t say it, from the OUTATIME licence plate we can assume that it is a reference to
Back to the Future. Now this is from another movie I love so this rubber luggage tag is pretty
awesome. I have a new military looking bag for my stuff. I might put it on that.

Enamel Pin – Super Geek Club

I am getting quite the collection of these little badges. I don’t think I will ever be able to take them
out of the packaging as they are so retro. My badge this month is a Superman one. It is geeky and I
am pleased!!

Steam Game – Space Jacker

I do think these are quite fun things to put into the box. They are a good diversion for a while but they are not amazing games. I am not sure I would have paid $10 for it.

The Verdict
So this box seemed a little different from most. The massive Groot Dorbz was a surprise and I think I need to reorganise some space to put him. I love Groot but while this was a good box, there have been better ones.

If you fancy giving Geek Fuel a go, the please follow my link.

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