Geek Fuel Catch up 1

More cool bits and bobs with added FIREFLY!!

Whilst I was toiling over the busy summer I had a couple of Geek Fuel boxes landed at my doorstop, each reeking with AWESOME!

This one I believe was the August box and the usual red box still looks exciting.

I do enjoy how these boxes are not constrained by a theme like Heroes. It means that Geek Fuel has a lot of more freedom with their products. Other boxes seem to struggle finding items to match their theme or over use products from some underrated mess of a film like Suicide Squad.

Anyway onwards to display the joy within.

Firefly T-Shirt

I would like to say THANK YOU GEEK FUEL!!!!
I LOVE FIREFLY and this T-Shirt is incredible The photo does not show it but is is a kind of brown colour with fantastic distressed looking Serenity print. I love this t-shirt, it takes pride of place with my other nerd t-shirts.

Barrel Cooler

This is called a Barrell Cooler. It appears to be some sort of rubber drinks can holder in the shape of a Donkey Kong style barrell. Not a bad item, kind of fun. Donkey Kong does not quite excite me, I think I may have peaked after the Firefly t-shirt but I don’t hate it. I wonder if my son would like, he seems to have benefitted from most of the other household items.

Street Fighter Vinyl Figure by Kidrobot

I seem to be amassing quite the collection of vinyl figures in these blind bag boxes. Quite a few of them I have not yet opened like this one. I am not a Street Fighter fan so I am not that invested in which figure I get. I may opened it soon. These bad boys sell for around £7.



These games are kind of fun and seem to be filling up my Steam Library. It sells for £9.99 and seems like quite a fun little diversion.

Thundercats Epic Enamel Badge

Now is the Geek Fuel specific item, A retro looking Pin badge as you can see the one I received was Panthro. One of the RARE pins was Snarf. I am glad I glad I did not get Snarf.

I hate Snarf!!

So that was the box. It felt like it was a little light on items but as usual the quality is very good. The amazing Firefly t-shirt was a very well received.

The Geek Fuel box is around £24 per month and if you fancy a go please use my link here.


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