Geek Fit Club – Out of the Wilderness

Geek Fit Club continues to stumbling along much like my running career.

Following the initial shock of losing (or gaining) nothing, I have not touched the scales since. After eating mainly dust and doing more running I have concluded that the scales are indeed instruments of the devil and have been sent to deceive me. My jeans do appear looser and my wife has commented that I LOOK like I have lost weight but I will not give the devil scales opportunity to taunt me with their falsehoods.

The next part of my diary confession is that I have not been running as much as I would have liked. Naughty Sir Geek! The weather has been very cold and the icy winds that blast this island kingdom can chill to the bone. I have been running on occasion just not the every couple of days as required by the program.

Valentine’s day I even went on a run. I managed to finish work early, go pick up my wife and then my son from school. Take them home and go out for 30ish minutes for a run before a very nice Valentines meal with the wife in the evening.  This stage of the Couch to 5k was labelled as Week 2 Day 3.  This consisted p of a Brisk 5 minutes  warm up walk with alternate 1 ½ minutes of jogging and 2 minutes of walking for 21 minutes. I have said a fond “Bye Bye” to Constance as a Coach. Her passive aggressive commands of ”Run” and “Brisk Walk” amounted to nothing I could describe as coach like or encouraging. So I have moved onto Johnny Rotten, a Zombie Coach. He sounds kind of like the Gym teacher from The Goldbergs but he groans and makes amusing references to parts of his body falling off during the different segments of the run. A much better Coach the stale Constance.

The run actually went quite well. The temperature was in the double digits and for some reason I think that running later in the day worked better for me. Not the most convenient time but it went well.

The Mi Band 2 is also working out quite nicely. It seems to track the steps quite accurately and the sensation mid run that my heart is about to burst from my chest is backed up by the evidence from the heart rate sensor. I tend to take off the band when I am showering as I remember the old Fitbit’s used to get a bit itchy if not dried out properly.


So all in all, the plenty of good points with the Geek Fit Camp so far. The running is going well, the tech is working well. The bad points are the devil made scales and me for being a coward and not running when the weather was cold.



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