Geek Fit Camp – Week 2 and New Tech

I have reached Week 2 of the Geek Fit Camp. I did the weigh in the morning and had lost exactly NOTHING. The last week of eat healthy and running has accounted for squat.

So to celebrate I went for another run. Week 2 of the C25K. This consists of 5 minute warm up walk and alternate 1 1/2 minutes of jogging and two minutes of walking.

The app did not start the program when I started the music player, so halfway into the 2nd song, I was wondering when the jogging was going to start. So I had to stop and start it and go through the warm up again.

The weather on the South Coast of England was dark and grey like my mood. The rain hid the tears of disappointment about my static weight and the false start of the program. I jogged past one of the mothers of a kid in my sons class. I do know her but when I lumbered past her and said “Hello” she look alarmed. I must be quite the sight throwing myself around this running business.

Today I just was not feeling it. The audio coach Constance is crap so she is getting changed for another one tomorrow.

To sweeten my mood a little, I had bought a little bit of new tech along for the misery, I mean ride. I had ordered a Xiamoni Mi Band 2 from GearBest. The band is pretty cool. It is simple in design (only one button). It has a screen with a clock, steps taken and a heart rate monitor (which is what I wanted). I downloaded the app and once paired, it updated the firmware of the band straightaway There are lots of options on the app. You can set it to make the band advise you incoming phone calls and messages as well as a number of other features.

I put the band on this morning. The strap was soft and comfortable, in fact I can not feel that I am wearing it. I did the school run and went to the shops after and the step count seemed to be on target. From having read some reviews, some people have had bad units where the steps count up when they are sitting still. I have not seen that yet.

The android app looks quite well put together and for my little wet misery jog I used the running function. This creates an open connection with the band where it updates steps and heart rate constantly while the GPS on the phone maps Pace.

The front of the app looks like this:

So far I am quite impressed with the Mi Band 2 but it is only the first day. So we will see,

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