Geek Fat Camp

So the start of the new year I was intending to start getting fit. I have put it off due to colds and, well, the weather being cold but today I had run out of excuses.

It is time to become beefcake!!

When I say beefcake, I mean just a bit lighter and healthier than I am now. I am by no means a lard arse, I have have to maintain a required level of fitness for my job. However as I get old I feel the need to get fit, presumably to fend off the encroaching entropy, decay and final death.

Hey ho!

Currently I weight 105 kilos. That is not good and my expanded belly can testify that there has been some food related naughtiness going on.

The plan is to complete a Couch to 5K program. I did do one years ago and I found it really good. I loved running after that but then I fell out of the habit of running. I am blaming the many colds bought home from school by my darling son.

Of course now I had the idea, I need the gear. I still have my running tights and tops from way back. I have an armband for my phone, a Huawei P9. Actually the phone has it’s own pedometer but it is not great.

The program I am using to train me is the C25K by Active. Apparently an award winning program with in-app music player. It comes with several computer ‘coaches’ to guide you. I chose ‘Constance’ who apparently is someone who has completed the Couch to 5K and ‘can help you do it to’ Okey dokey then.

Couch to 5K

So Week one Day one of the C25k is a 5 minutes warm up walk with alternate 1 minute of jogging and 1 1/2 minutes of brisk walking for 20 minutes. So with my phone strapped to my arm and my bluetooth headphones in off I went.

Actually it is a cold by sunny day but the running went quite well. When I say running it was more of a heavy footed lumbering around. Thankfully the area I live in is quite flat so there are no hills to contend with.

The playlist I chose for this run was
Sixx AM : Prayers for the Blessed
Ghost : Popstar

The run went quite well. Constance, however, as a coach on the app was crap. Apart from tell me when to run and when to walk she offered no further advice or encouragement. I think she will be switched for another sometime soon.

With the endorphin’s flooding my brain and the need to continue the momentum of this new fitness regime, I decided to continue when I got home. I was already warmed up so why not?

I had already downloaded Spartan Bodyweight Free. This is a intense workout using no equipment other than your body weight. I am carrying extra so why not use it, right?

Spartan Bodyweight App

It is a 16 minute program on the beginner level. For the first five minutes there are push ups and punches the repeat. A short break then more push up, jumps and turns. For the final five there were leg raises and others. Beginner level? I am not sure that was bloody hard. Intense? Oh yes! My hands were shaking, I was knackered and I ached. All the signs of a good workout right?

I think going forward I will done the run and the workout on alternate days. Anyway the first day is done.




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