Framed Comic Book Aquaman #37 (Variant Edition)

Rumour has it that there is a Aquaman movie coming out later this year. Whilst that movies is giving Aquaman some of the recognition he deserves, I have decided to pay my own tribute and here it is.


Featuring the more traditional looking Aquaman swimming with the character Dolphin on their way to save Atlantis.

“With the King of Atlantis’ resistance down for the count, a magically monstrous King Rath rampages to extinguish them once and for all! Aquaman and Dolphin must gather whoever’s left standing for one final battle, but Rath finds bigger fishmen to fry as he prepares to sink Atlantis deeper into the abyss!”

I have chosen this comic book for the stunning variant cover created by artist Joshua Middleton. This comic being a perfect example of beautiful artwork and expert story telling with the book running at 32 pages.

This comic is fresh and is in great condition. It has been preserved and sealed in an ultra clear archival quality bag. This is then mounted on black card within a white inlay all housed in a black box frame with glass front.

The collection of materials have all been carefully chosen and come together to form this extremely rare premium product. Simply this is art that would look incredible in any home.

Interested? This is currently selling for £35.

Go over to the Etsy shop and take a look.

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