Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location

I have clearly not been keeping up with gaming events. A week or so ago I was shocked to see that there was a new Five nights at Freddy’s game coming out. I had no idea although Son had apparently told sometime ago.

In the excitment I read the news but saw that it was but was delayed as the author Scott Cawthorn thought the game was too sick. So he released one night of the mature version in lieu of a redone version to be release sometime later.

So we downloaded it and got utterly trolled. It was a prank by Cawthorn and we had downloaded an old game of his updated with a Freddy mask on the character.

The real game was released on Friday and we downloaded it from Steam.

Now my Son LOVES Fnaf. But I am the. One who has to play it and get the jump scares. These games have caused me. Injury where I have banged knees on tables whilst getting the crap scared out of me.

So it fell to me to test this thing. My Son won’t so I get all the jump scares. I have the bruises from banging my knees into the table to prove it.

This game is different from the rest. You can move in a limited way and instead of animatronics crawling through vents, YOU are doing the crawling.

I am not sure that the jump scares I have seen are as scary as the other games but there is a lot of atmosphere and anticipation of the scares. This makes the game seem MORE scary. Weird but very clever.

We have not been through the whole game yet as I am stuck on Night 3. Stupid Bonnie and his stupid bowtie.

However so far this in the best game yet,

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