Elite Dangerous Trader or Bus Driver

I love Elite Dangerous! A man is not a Sir without some age and experience behind them. I certainly have that age. I remember the in the 80’s playing Elite. It was an awesome experience and the wire frame graphics were cutting edge back then.

You can get it for free from the Frontier Store here.

Now many years and many grey hairs later I finally bought a copy of Elite Dangerous on Xbox One. It was cheap on the Xbox store and therefore it was mine.

I have seen some pretty impressive screen shots of this thing so I was expecting some good things.

Actually I really like it. Hopping from one star to another gets kind of tedious but when you are able to different things in different ships it is brilliant.

So there are something like 400 Billions stars to explore in the Elite Dangerous world, and should you be the first to discover one then you get the credit forever. The game has been out for quite some time so I guessed all the easy fruit had been picked, After doing some missions to generate some money I was able to upgrade my ship to an ASP Explorer and head off into the cosmos. You have to be in for the long haul and it took a couple of days but I made it to some unexplored territory. My name is now forever in the Elite Dangerous universe.

In my Space Bus showing passengers the sights.

As I said it is time consuming and repetitive, so when I made it back to civilized space and sold my exploration data I moved into the passenger business. This means setting up a pretty space liner with some cabins and taking passenger missions to transport people or go on sightseeing missions. The sightseeing missions are interesting as that they can you to some interesting and beautiful locations. There can be big money doing this.

Since then I upgraded to a massive but slow ship moving buying and selling cargo for the Community Goals. I have run into some trouble with this but the reward at the end of the week can be worth.

Now I am going for the biggest ship I can get and maybe it will be time to get exploring again.

Oh the freedom!!

Exploring some planets



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