Darth Vader Annual #2 Framed Comic Print – Star Wars

Darth Vader must be one of the most iconic movie bad guys ever. I remember when I was a kid as saw the original movies Darth Vader gave me nightmares. Not as much as the shark from Jaws but it was up there.

Now Darth Vader is an movie legend and the story of the legend continues in some awesome comic books.

I have selected for my framed collection the brand new Darth Vader Annual #2.

Grand Moff Tarkin discovers Darth Vader scouring the data vaults on Scarif. Vader wants to know about Project Stardust, but Tarkin isn’t happy about this intrusion. Tarkin, with the help of the Emperor, informs Lord Vader that he is to assist Tarkin in any way he can, and this leads the Dark Lord to Geonosis, where the parts of Project Stardust are being constructed. There have been acts of sabotage, and Darth Vader and Commander Orson Krennick are to root out the cause.

The story is a tie-in with Rogue One. Vader is investigating sabotage of the preliminary construction of the Death Star.

The cover of this comic book is by artists Mike Deodato Jr. and Arif Prianto. It is a powerful scene showing Darth Vader poised with the legendary red light sabre.

The item I have ready in the shop is the whole comic book, preserved in a protective ultra clear sleeve. The framed is a quality black box frame with classic white inlay. The comic itself is mounted on black card.

This would look incredible on the wall of any Star Wars fan. It would go well in an office or den.

The frame is 42.5cm by 32.5cm and is currently on sale for £35.

Click here.

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