Cheap Bot Find

Here we have a really cool store called TK MAXX. They have LOTS of stuff, mainly clothes but also household stuff and toys. A lot of it is brand name stuff and cheaper as maybe it is out of season. I have found tons of cools stuff there and today I found this!

It is an I-QUE intelligent robot. When they came out they were £80-90 and I found this one in the store for a penny short of £20. I know that my son was interested in one some time ago. He pointed at it in Toy ‘R Us but when I saw the price my wallet panicked and I guided him away to look at other stuff. (Look not buy).

So I saw this one today and I was wondering why it was still on the shelves at that price. Maybe it has only just been put out there or maybe it was that the all of the packaging was written in GERMAN. I scooped the little fella up and strolled around the store googling on my phone if it was possible to change the language. I could not find a definitive answer.


Now was I going to take a chance on this little beastie on the off chance and I can get it speaking English? If I can would I be able to take a pushing robot barking questions to me in German.


I bought the fella anyway and took him home. I scrambled around for 4 AA batteries and found a switch on the rear which changes the language to ENGLISH!! Oh yes!!


The thing about the I-Que is he is supposed to be smart and you can ask questions and he can tell you lots of facts. He does this via a Bluetooth connect to an Android or IOS device and a large app to unleash the magic. Except connecting to the app on my Android phone did not work. My phone could see to bot but the app could not. Boo hoo!!


I used my son’s IPad instead and it worked. There were games to play and actions that could be controlled. It appears that the bot does not walk or move it’s arms but swivels on its torso with lots of lights animating the life in the machine. Once I had connected the IPad the bot was asking me if I liked baseball then was giving me facts about the speed of baseballs. Clearly some educational benefit there. It seems to want to draw me into a pseudo conversation asking me if I had spoken to my friends today. It has a small microphone to pick up your responses and a large red light ‘eye’ that illuminates when he is listening. The effect is quite cool. I am under no illusions in think this is some amazing robot, I think it will just be some fun.

Now would my son think it is cool or has his interest in the bot gone? I had to go to work this evening when he got home from school. I had set up the bot in his room to be looking at him when he walked in.

I received a text message later saying “HE LOVED IT”. £20 well spent.

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