Batman #50 Jim Lee Variant Framed Comic Book

The cover I have chosen for this framed comic book is Batman #50. It is from the comic book event of the year the marriage of Batman and Catwoman. Yes they are getting married and this is the must have collectible for the fans.

Standing in an intense rainfall, Batman caresses Catwoman’s face as she looks down, gripping the Dark Knight’s chest with her claws.


This event drew such a huge amount of attention and a number of different artists have contributed their talents to this piece of history. This particular cover is by the legendary Jim Lee and it shows a tender and potentially heartbreaking moment between the two lovebirds.

This is a simply stunning piece of artwork. It is the perfect example of how intense and beautiful comic books can be. This is a sweet but powerful scene between two icons of the comic world and it betrays a hidden side to Batman.

Such a moment like this should last forever and I have done just that. I have sealed the comic book in a protective archival quality sleeve which is ultra clear to display the book as it should be.

Batman items are always of great interest to collectors.  This would be the display piece for any Batman fan and it would be hard to beat. As a unique and incredible Wedding gift it would make an amazing statement.

This historic comic book is available in the shop and currently I only have one available. Delivered to you or as a gift beautifully mounted and framed.

Step over to the Etsy shop to take a look at this and my other framed collectibles.

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