Back Up Your Data!

I tend to back up all of my stuff to several places and included one set off site. I had an awesome set up a while ago where my Laptop sent everything to a Raspberry Pi ( or Nasberry PI) which in turn uploaded it to Crashplan servers.

Ah Crashplan! Those where the good days. Their java based program did not natively run on the Pi but it could be made to work and it worked faultlessly.


They updated the program and stuffed it so bad it would not run on the Pi. So that was a pain
in the ass but I used our living room Windows gaming PC to pull the files from the Pi and upload
them. Oh look an extra set of backups! Not a perfect system but lots of redundancy and I could sleep
safe in my bed.


Now, Crashplan has forsaken the home market. It would rather have boring corporate rubbish filling
up their servers instead of the family photos and digital home stuff of the consumer market. Screw
you Crashplan!

Ideally what I would like in a replacement, is the set up where I could use Raspberry Pi to back up the files
again. The Pi is a low cost, always on solution where speed is not important. However the perfect setup like the Crashplan one does not exist. With Crashplan I could even used their Android app to access my files.

Backblaze was looking the best bet but they do not have an app which would run on the Pi. I could use another program to upload but it encrypts the file on the Pi which it then uploads. The encrypts files are unusable unless downloaded by the Pi again. So not as helpful first thought. Plus I am quite annoyed at having to pay out for server space and then do a lot of tweaking just to get it work. So maybe I won’t

I will keep my money and do my off site backups myself.

My current plan is to use a Pi Zero W and a external hard drive. I want the Pi to connect to my
network and just to do a simple RSYNC from the NASBERRY PI. The PI Zero and hard drive should be
small and easy enough to remove from the house, store elsewhere and connect back onto the network and regular intervals to refresh the backup.

At this point I am unsure if I will be able to power a hard drive via the Pi Zero as I do with the
Nasberry Pi. If I can’t then I will need the smallest powered USB hub I can find.

It will not be a perfect solution and will require extra security such as disk encryption and a secure
offsite storage. However I will have total control over the system and system and if the event of a
disaster then I will not be relying of over 500gb of backups being piped down my broadband

We will see how it goes?

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