Back from holidays

So where has the Legend of Geek been recently?

This may surprise you, but we do not go on a lot of holidays. In fact hardly any.

With family that live overseas, I find that most of my leave from work is taken up visiting in-laws. So with a number of dramas going on recently Wife decided it was time to get away from it all. Who am I to challenge that?

The cold weather is approaching so it was time to run away to some warmer climes for a little while. We hopped on a plane for some fun in the sun in Cyprus.

I had never been there before and getting a way from it all for a week was just what we needed. Plus a whole week not having to drive anywhere, now that was bliss.

Here is a little picture of little Deadpool near the pool where we spent most of our time.


Generally I do not like hot weather. When the English summer is hot that is more than fine for me. A work colleague went to Cyprus over the summer and it was 40C. Way too hot for me. So to jet away at the end of October when the temperature was late 20C’s, it was great.

For the times between eating, splashing in the pool and enjoying cocktails I bought my tablet with a few goodies on. I watched Star Trek Beyond (I LOVE that film, closer to any original Trek so far) and some episodes of Battle of the Planets. Funny thing it that the Little Dude loved watching Battle of the Planets with me. Strange thing is, I do remember how exciting some of the episodes were, I just don’t remember some of them being so sad. Two episodes in and there is death and grief. I had to do a little talking over it to cover that up.

Oh well, Fun was had and I burned my shoulders in the sun.

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