Asus Tinker Board : The First Test

Well the time has come to test the ASUS Tinker Board. When it first arrived a couple of weeks ago there was nothing for it, not even a website from ASUS.

Now there is one.

It is a support page not even a flashy product page, but it has a FAQ and a couple of downloads. One being their own version of Debian and the other being a Kodi image. I downloaded the Debian image to give it ago.

The Tinker Board relies heavily on Raspberry Pi, they look almost exactly the same. The FAQ states that most Raspberry Pi ‘chassis’ will fit the Tinker Board. I think they mean case so I ordered a cheeky little black number from Amazon. I also fitted the little heatsink that came with the Tinker Board.

The downloaded OS image I wrote to a free 8gb SD. I use quite a few Raspberry Pi’s and I mainly use them headless connecting to them via SSH. The only exception is the one my son is using as a desktop.

I read on a website that SSH was listening on the Debian image. There was a root user name and password of ‘linaro’. So on the basis I planned to just plug in Ethernet and power then SSH in. Just as I do with Raspberry Pi’s.

However it did not work.

Not the SSH as I never even got that far. The image did not boot up and it did not appear on the network. I have re-written the image a couple of times to the SD card but still nothing and at the moment there is no Tinker Board community to refer to for tips. The power supply met the requirements for from FAQ.

So not a great start and I have not had time to hook it up to a monitor, keyboard and mouse yet. Maybe that is the problem, it needs to run as a full desktop setup.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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