Asus Tinker Board – Return of the Headless Horseman

Remember when I said I was hoping to connect to the Tinker Board.. headless?? The first time I had to do this, it involved hooking up the keyboard, mouse and monitor.

What a pain!

I was hoping that using the new 1.8 OS image that would relieve me of all the extra steps.

With only the ethernet and power plugged in, I gave it a shot.

The Tinker Board appeared on my network and using putty I connected via SSH. Yes I did it!!!

As per before

Username: linaro
Password: linaro

Now to free my Tinker Board and using it anywhere around the house I wanted to connect via WIFI. I had done this on a previous version of the TinkerOS. I had managed this before by setting up a VNC server and setting up the WIFI connection whilst connected on Ethernet.

I was close to my dream!!

Once into the desktop I found that ASUS have decided to use NetworkManager now. Ok fine so there is now nowhere to scan for a WIFI network. Bummer but I can put the details in manually.

No I can’t.

I can add a new connection and select WIFI but from there everything is greyed out. I can add nothing. I have tried some command line approaches and still nothing.

As usual there is next to no documentation for the Tinker Board on the website and precious little community to support users.

At the moment it looks like I will be back to plugging in all the peripherals and then trying to connect to the WIFI without the ethernet plugged in.

ASUS seems to be busy giving up features and taking others away. I am starting to get a little tired of it. This Tinker Board is getting close to thrown in the back of the cupboard while ASUS get’s it act together.

I have a Pi Zero W waiting to be played with. There are lots of projects that work and the benefit of an active community if it all goes wrong.

Having the hardware means nothing if you can’t do anything with it.

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