Asus Tinker Board Debian V1.6 Beta

It looks like things are picking up slightly at camp ASUS.

They have released a beta version of the Debian OS for the Tinker Board.

The details for the lastest released are:

TinkerOS_Debian V1.6 (Beta version)
TinkerOS default username is “linaro”, password is “linaro”
Changelog on V1.6
1. Enable NFS_V4_1, NFS_V4_2 and IP_NF_NAT for kernel.
2. Preload GPIO libraries in ZIP.
3. Enable LED triggers for power, mmc0, and cpu0. (BUG on act recovery LED will be fixed in official version)
4. Install chromium_57.0.2987.98-1_armhf.deb from Debian 9.
5. Install h264ify extension for Chromium.
6. Add RK Player

Download it here.

It still looks like they are pedaling this as a desktop computer with Chromium. Although helpfully preloading GPIO libraries does mean they trying to direct it to other uses.

It is good to see that LED lights on the board are going to do something useful. They will tell you that board actually doing something.

I will load up the Beta OS as soon as I can and see what I can get it to do.

My problem with the Tinker Board is the same complaint since it first kind of came out. There is no community for the board. ASUS silently pops another OS image on the website but does not try to engage anyone to use it or offer ideas. There is no where for other Tinker Board users to get together and discuss what works and what does not.

Sadly it does not matter how good the board is. If the community is not there, it will die.


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