Amazon Dash = Fresh Breath Geek

I know I am a little late to the party but I have fallen in love with the over engineerred solution to the problem that never existed, that is the Amazon Dash.

How can we bring our oral hygiene into the 21st Centery? I know! Once we are nervously low on our big bottle of Listerene, we shall push a button and more shall appear.

True story.

Amazon have already removed the need to physically leave the house to replenish the supply of said mouthwash. That only requires a few actions to do on the app, so is no hardship.

Now I have a battery powered WIFI device with a single button for £4.99. It looks pretty cool and sleek. It comes with a hook that can be removed and the back has a sticky pad.

Hooking it up to the WIFI was pretty easy using the standard Amazon app and with that app you can select the version of the product you want. Ours in this case was the Total Care Listerine because that how we roll.

The son gave a it a go and within 23 hours another big bottle of the purple liquid appeared. Also it was free!! The cost is deducted from the amount paid for the button cool.

Now we have a litre of mouthwash to go before we can press it again 🙁

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