Action Comics #812 Superman Sketch Variant Framed Comic Book

This is Action Comics #812! Here is a Superman only real fans will know about. From the Godfall series This is not Superman but Kal-El in one of the best Kryptonian outfits ever and riding a motorbike!

We open with Kal-El on his motorbike, zooming home from work as one of Krypton’s many low level officials. He is musing about why people always dream of flying. At home with his wife Lyla, an alien, he tries to make breakfast but burns it. She’s just showered and watches him for a while before they discuss how frustrated he is with his mundane life.

On his way to work, he’s followed by alien renegades who start to chase him, trying to run him off the road. When Kal-El manages to get one of the rebels to turn over, the bike flies off and smashes through the biosphere, exposing him to yellow sunlight. His eyes flare up and he fires his heat-ray at them. He has become strong, stronger than any other living creature and he doesn’t know why.

The cover (and story) are by the late artist Michael Turner whose talent lives on in his amazing artwork.

This edition of Action Comics #812 is complete and original from 2004. I have personally chosen the sketch variant of this cover to enhance this amazing scene.

This one is for the serious Superman collector only. If you think you know Superman, think again.

To enhance this masterpiece I have mounted it on black card within classic white inlay. The frame itself is black beveled and fronted with glass.

It is a classic look for a classic cover.

If you are serious enough about Superman or know someone who is visit my shop now.



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