A bump in the road

I hate BULLYS.

I know this blog has not been updated as much as I would have like. There are lots of things going on about which I would love to write about.

Unfortunately my son has been enduring a lot of bullying at school which we have tried to get the school to tackle. For some time now he has been relentlessly bullied at school by some boys. He has been physically attacked on several occasions and the only time the school has ever done anything is when we as parents wade in.

My Son has never been believed when he has reported bullying which is why we have had to wade in. Now these bullies ‘tell’ on my son in class. Constantly saying things he has not said or done and each time the teachers BELIEVE them each and everytime. The kids who have even been caught bullying my son. The staff do not my witness my son doing these things but instantly respond to the false reports.

When my son does not admit to what has been said. His teachers call him a ‘liar’ to HIS FACE. That is my fault, I won’t allow him to admit to something he has not done. To do so WOULD be lying.

I have tried to open a dialogue with his teacher. I met with her last week and she said lots of positive things about how they are going to support my son and boost his confidence.

The very next day, it continued. He was assaulted in the playground. He told his teacher who did nothing. He was told on again in the classroom something made up again, it was not witnessed by a teacher. They confronted him, when he denied it he was told not to answer back and they told said about his lying for not admitting it. Well remember I will not let him admit to something he has not done.

My son is bullied in the playground, he is bullied in the classroom and it is endorsed by the staff. He is being bullied by his own teachers!

It is difficult to write nice fun blog entries about fun stuff when I see the effect this is having on my son. It is affecting all of us and I have to wait until Monday before I can go in and speak his teacher again.

You can find anti bullying advice here.

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