2000AD Collection by Hachette Partworks

Publisher rehashing comics from my childhood refuses to let me give them more money.

2000AD was my first real comic. I started reading it when I was a kid in 1983 and had it delivered by the newsagent for years afterwards. It was awesome and I loved the characters and stories. I went to my first comic signing and still have the my signed copy sealed up. My love of everything Judge Dredd continues to this day and when the Rogue Trooper game came out I was straight on it, shooting away on Nu Earth.

So when I saw the adverts on TV for a 2000AD collection I leapt on it. I was not going to simply go to the newsagent and get the editions when if I subscribed I could get some cool gifts. Things like a mug, a wallet, bookends, a DVD and a sketchbook. OK SIGN ME UP.

That was the STANDARD subscription. If you pay for the PREMIUM which is £1.50 extra per issue you get SIX figures representing the awesome characters from my childhood.

So yes I decided to go for the Premium subscription as if there was any choice and sign up I did. I set it all up, put in my payment details on the website and subscribed.

Then I realised I have cocked it up. I had chosen STANDARD and not PREMIUM.

No problem, Let get in touch with Customer Service right? There is a web form on the accounts page and whilst my subscription had not appeared yet on my account I am sure it would soon. I entered on the web form my mistake, I wanted PREMIUM and not STANDARD and waited to hear.

Days passed and NOTHING. I had a nice automated email thanking me for my subscription and tell me the plan. It even said I could manage my subscription on the website. Oh no I can’t it still is not there and nothing came up under the subscription number.

No worried, customer service right? I fired off another message via the webform.

A few days later and I have heard nothing back. Zip Nada!

Ok I am getting pissed off now. I want this subscription, I want the figures and I want to give the company MORE money to get them. The subscription is still NOT on the account page so I can’t even cancel the STANDARD and set up a PREMIUM without assistance from the so call ‘Customer Service’.

So now I am near the point of ‘fuck it‘ cancel the whole thing. The accounts page does not work as advertised, the customer service does not appear to function so if I ever get the product will that also be of poor quality.

I have now tried to contact them a third time using an actual email address from their site. This one even send back a automated holding email. I will see if they respond, if they don’t I will stop the payment going through.

*Sad face*

UPDATE – I gave them a chance. It turned out not to be worth it. Too much trouble for the amount of money I would be paying. I have moved on

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